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CBN Clarifies That Orlando Tragedy Statements Attributed to Pat Robertson Are Untrue

Contrary to some news reports, Pat Robertson did not make any statements about the tragic shooting in Orlando.  The comments that are being reported were taken from a satire website and reported as if they were true.  CBN has asked for an apology from those news outlets and the CBN legal team will be reviewing this matter. 

Earlier today, Gordon Robertson, the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) issued the following statement on the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida:

“Today, we mourn the deaths of innocent Americans who were murdered by an Islamic terrorist in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The attack appears to be well planned and specifically targeted against the gay community.  There is no justification for this terrible act of violence.  All people, regardless of sexual orientation, have the absolute right to be secure and live safely in the United States of America. We at CBN strongly condemn this act of violence and offer our condolences to the loved ones of all those killed or injured. We also commend the Orlando Police and the FBI for their swift response, ending this nightmare and saving the lives of those they could.”

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