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Massive credit card debt, the housing foreclosure crisis, banks failing, stocks tanking, inflation looming, the government spending trillions on who knows what. . . The fact is that millions of Americans today are struggling financially and may not know how to preserve what they have or how to get ahead. That’s why I decided to write a new book, which is called Right On the Money: Financial Advice For Tough Times.

This book provides the tools needed to assess one’s present financial condition, get informed on the different options available, and make better, more informed decisions. In-depth chapters cover the importance of preparing a realistic monthly budget, how best to use credit cards and strategies for paying them off, the importance of saving and the different kinds of savings vehicles available (savings accounts/CDs/money markets), options for investing in the markets (stocks/mutual funds/bonds/gold), choosing the best mortgage arrangement (fixed rate, adjustable rate/refinancing/pre-paid), the differences in retirement savings plans (IRA/401(k)/annuity) and how to contribute, the importance of insurance (life/homeowners/auto/long term care), asset allocation and risk management, the pros and cons of starting your own business, and many more. Right On the Money also includes a financial glossary and links to important financial websites.

The fact is that insufficient knowledge about personal finances, combined with an unprecedented era of uncontrolled spending based on self-indulgence, has led to a massive economic disaster. America needs a refresher course on the characteristics that built this country into a financial power, one reliant upon itself, extending its hand to help others, where planning for tomorrow—not living for the moment—was once a virtue. Families today need a better grasp on their money and a better understanding that mastery of your own personal finances can be key to a happier, more secure life. This book will help you!

Right On the Money is available here:

Amazon.com - Right on the Money: Financial Advice for Tough TImes


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