Pat Robertson: Harriet Miers a Superb Pick

The more I learn about Harriet Miers, the more I realize what a superb pick she is for the Supreme Court.  Not only does she have a deep, balanced philosophy as to the limited role that Judges should play in our society under the Constitution, but she also has real world experience in litigating tough cases at the trial level.  She does not come to the court with theories gained from an ivory tower, either in academia or lengthy experience on the bench.

I believe that in the choice of Harriet Miers, the President has made good on his pledge to the American voters that he will select judges holding the judicial philosophy of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. 

I am pleased to give Harriet Miers my enthusiastic support and intend to suggest to my television audience across America that they contact their senators in support of her nomination.  I am sure that my friend, Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter, will hold hearings that are thorough, dignified, and free of partisan rancor.  Hopefully the Senate will follow the wishes of the President and move with dispatch to confirm Harriet Miers as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court before the Thanksgiving holiday.