President of Liberia Thanks Robertson
Proclamation Establishing Crusade Names Robertson

February 25, 2002

Robertson is recognized for his support of Jesus Crusade and the country of Liberia. -- The Liberia for Jesus Crusade this past weekend was a big success with a large turnout. And CBN was there.

In fact, in the closing ceremonies of this 72-hour nonstop event, the President of Liberia specifically thanked Dr. Pat Robertson for his support not just for the Crusade, but for his faith in Liberia as a nation. Dr. Robertson was not present.

The stadium was packed on the three days. The President was there all three days and proclaimed that as a nation they need to fall prostrate before Jesus, humble themselves and ask for forgiveness to receive God's blessing. (II Chron 7:14).

On Sunday, there were more than 60,000 people in the stands and approximately 20-25,000 in the infield, with as many outside the gates. The stadium could not hold any more.

The event exceeded all expectations, with complete support from all of Liberia's churches and denominations.